How to create a food plan


By Effectiveme (Fiverr: @Effectiveme)

What is meal planning? 

While meal planning doesn’t have to be hard but can be time consuming. It takes a valiant effort and a lot of planning to provide your family with nutritious meals. Planning saves you hours and gives you an awesome way to generate healthy, delicious meal plans and shopping lists in just minutes.  Many readers enjoy reading through cookbooks, blogs and websites taking some time to anticipate cooking.

When I plan a meal, the first I think about is protein. If I eat a balanced meal of whole grains with protein and fat, most time my craving for sweets and snacks is practically absent. I aim for at least one serving of protein at each meal, which equates to about five ounces of chicken or a couple of eggs. Estimate the number of calories you need to maintain your weight by multiplying your weight in pounds by 12.since one pound equals 3500 calories; this will yield a 1-pound per week weight loss. The amount you eat at each meal depends on your calories needed.


food-eggsEating breakfast help to enhances satiation, it jump starts your metabolism and may prevent poor food choices later in the day. Balance weight loss meals for breakfast might involve poached eggs or hard boiled eggs with grains toast and a piece of fruit. The protein in the eggs may be responsible for making participants feel full longer and eat fewer calories later in the day.


pexels-photo-262947Lunch is also important for a weight loss plan, skipping this meal can lead to late afternoon cravings. If you are on the road or your office and you do not have access to a kitchen, pack a lunch in an insulated lunch box or a cooler. Inside your lunch box, you can pack carrot strips, an apple, and whole grains. But at home, heat up a low sodium broth-base soup and eat before a meal of grilled chicken, cucumber and feta cheese and so on. You can reduce your total calories intake by eating soup before your meal.


food-healthy-vegetables-potatoesWhen planning a well-balanced dinner try to keep the late night munchies from blowing your calories goals.  Always include lean protein, sweet potato and one or two of no starchy vegetables. Whether you cook for yourself or your entire family, you can help your weight loss by planning your dinner in advance. You can add flavor by putting your chosen meat in marinade in the morning and pulling it out for cooking during dinner. A meal for a plan for weight loss also runs for two or three snacks during the day.

Just like today, we are talking about weight loss, meal plans, just like any other time you need a plan. Having a plan ensure you maintain good habits, constraints that will help you do the right thing over and over all for staying healthy and losing body fat. Your weight loss meal plan should revolve around the food you like to eat and a plan that suits your schedule. And most importantly a plan that is in line with your physiological needs.

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