Month of July


As the weather changes across the globe so does the fresh produce that is available. Each season offers a selection of beautiful fresh produce, and this is a perfect time to start experimenting seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Some fruit and vegetables are great for over half of the year, and other are best for a particular month. During the season of a particular fruits and vegetable production, it tastes better, sweeter, fresher and perfectly ripe. Fruit and vegetables consumed during it’s season time has higher nutritional values.

Fruits and vegetables that are not produced locally are imported from other countries or grown in a heated greenhouse. Buying out of season fruits and vegetables can add to your budget as local supermarkets incur the cost of importing by raising the prices.

Fruits Vegetables
Raspberries Cauliflower
Strawberries Broccoli
Blueberries Carrots
Blackberries Courgettes
Cherries Celery
Kiwi New Potates

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